For the GPS Communications API to find any serial ports, the RXTX Communications package from must be installed. You can download the latest version from this link:

RXTX Communications

Follow the installation instructions provided in the package.

Version 1.x of the GPS Communications API use the Java Communications package from Sun. This is no longer supported from Sun, but information about the package can be found here:

Java Communications

WIGS GPS Communications API

This package is what makes communication with the GPS receiver possible. Future releases of the phase 2 and 3 applications will include this package, but if you plan to develop your own GPS applications, this is a great starting point.

FilenameVersionFilesizeDateFiletype 2.0155 kB2006-11-21 14:28 ZIP 1.0.2108.7 kB2006-04-17 15:32 ZIP 1.0.1107.9 kB2005-07-30 15:19 ZIP 1.0108.8 kB2005-07-22 23:20 ZIP


This applications is not yet available.


Here you will always find the latest versions of the technical documentation for WIGS. To download older versions of the documents, go the WIGS project page at

API 2.0 Design Document 236.2 kB2006-06-17 16:47 PDF
NMEA-0183 Message Descriptions 222.1 kB2006-06-17 16:47 PDF
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